Join The Patrol

Become a Mountain Host

We all know and love the Mountain Hosts. You canít miss them. They are the friendly, smiling people in black ski pants and yellow jackets. Youíll find them standing by one of the lodge entrances or next to the large maps where a lift drops you off. They answer questions, give out useful information on current conditions and help you determine if your skill level is a match for the runs you are contemplating. Mountain Hosts work at Timberline, Ski Bowl and Summit.

Mountain Hosts are part of the MHSP and work closely with Ski Patrol on crowd control as well as assist with skier safety and education. They also take part in Patrol training such as first aid scenarios and chairlift evacuation practice.

In the summer, Hosts work at the Ski bowl adventure Park providing information to guests and assisting during weddings and special occasions.

As a potential first contact for guests, you will have a direct effect on their experience. It is our goal to provide a fun environment where the guestís concerns are number one. It is the expectation of the host program that each guest is served in an accommodating and professional manner.

Job Qualifications:

  1. Complete Guest Service and In-Season Training your first year.
  2. Must be people oriented, with a clear understanding of guest service and its importance in representing the resorts.
  3. Must be able to work weekend and holiday periods.
  4. Able to demonstrate intermediate ski or snowboard ability.
  5. Must be responsible and able to work without supervision.
  6. Must be 21 years or older.
  7. Must hold a current CPR certification.

We hold interviews for new Hosts during the fall. This coming season (2018/2019) we will be focusing our efforts on Ski Bowl. Please leave us a message at the listed phone number or via email. You can also contact Pat Adamosky (503-332-3030) directly for further information.

Hope to see you on the mountain!