About the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol

The Mount Hood Ski Patrol, the oldest patrol in the west, traces its origins back to 1937. One of the largest single patrols, our members commit themselves to a minimum of 15 volunteer days on the hill and 7-10 additional training days each year. We are the only patrol in the nation to support year-round skiing activities.

MHSP member innovation has pioneered numerous advances in ski patrol equipment and techniques nationwide, including the invention of the first toboggan with fore and aft superstructure, devising the Shay toboggan false bottom, developing the Johnson splint, being the first U.S. patrol to import and use the Austrian Akja rescue sled and designing plastic pads for the Akji to increase patient comfort during sled transport.

MHSP members represent all walks of life -- both blue collar and white collar workers, technicians, medical professionals, teachers, college students, and many more. The common element shared by all our members is their pride in providing quality care and support to recreationists on Mt. Hood.